subject: stop the dams in Patagonia

Dear Mr Conti,
I'm writing today to share with you my concerns about the HidroAysén project in Chilean Patagonia.
Patagonia is one of the few world’s unspoiled natural places, a world’s heritage of biodiversity, with a very fragile ecosystem.
According to available data, 5.900 hectares of land will be flooded by the reservoirs created by the construction of the dams, which include some of the best agricultural and ranching lands of the region and some of the world’s primary forests.
Rare animal species will lose critical habitat due to reservoir flooding.
The 2300 km-long transmission line, needed to transport the produced energy to the mining industry in the North of the country, would pass through 67 Chilean municipalities, including indigenous communities, 14 legally protected conservation areas, virgin rainforests, national parks, and a geologically risky region strewn with active volcanoes and afflicted by earthquakes.
I believe that HidroAysén is an outdated, expensive and risky project, opposed by the 74% of the Chilean population and I think it should not have been approved, also due to the serious flaws and irregularities in the environmental review process.
I fully support the demand by Chileans to invest in energy efficiency and non-conventional renewable energy that will provide Chile with affordable, sustainable and less destructive energy for development.
For these reasons, I urge you, as CEO of ENEL, which now controls ENDESA, one of the companies promoting the HidroAysen consortium, to withdraw immediately and definitively from such a destructive project.
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